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What Do You Pay Attention To When Buying Food Bags?
- Feb 08, 2018 -

1, the purchase of food packaging bags, should be to the sales staff to understand their material, use and so on;

2, pay attention to the name of the commodity, identify the use of food packaging bags and the scope of application, should not be used in order to avoid causing accidents; Secondly, to see whether the label on the food packaging has the QS logo, QS logo is the direct contact with the plastic products of the national standard certification, in addition to carefully observe the food bag whether there is poor transmittance or have spots, air mist , bubbles and other quality problems;

3, hand carefully touch food bags, if the openings appear burrs, breakage and other circumstances, that the food bags are unqualified products;

4, food packaging bag if there is strong plastic flavor, that the food bag packaging is not suitable for packaged food, the general quality of qualified food bags should not have any peculiar smell appear.