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The Design And Making Process Of Tea Packing Bag
- Feb 08, 2018 -

The first step design: need to design a draft of tea packaging bag design a whole manuscript, in the design process, need to demand some of the ideas and packaging designer's relevant inspiration to complete.

The second step sedan: Design draft for confirmation, the next is to start making version, Seihan completely in accordance with the requirements of the design draft to make.

The third step printing: Seihan cycle generally in 3-7 working days. Division I undertake 1-9 printing, so more than printed design draft is not afraid.

The fourth step compound: The tea packing bag is generally composed of three layers and above material, after printing, the product packing carries on the compound.

The fifth step maturation: After the compound, needs the full ripening time to guarantee its packing perfect.

The sixth step bag: After curing well, need to carry out cut bag and bag. Some customers can save this step by simply asking for automatic wrapping of the film.

Seventh Step Acceptance: Tea packaging bag production, the need for quality inspection departments to detect.

The eighth step of warehousing: Quality inspection and acceptance can be packaged in storage.

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