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Testing Method Of Nut Bag
- Feb 08, 2018 -

First, for the thermal seal of the test: thermal seal The sealing strength of the site, through the thermal seal strength test to verify that if the thermal seal is improper, easy to appear leakage, broken bags and so on.

Second, for the detection of tightness, through the sealing of the energy (negative pressure method) test tests, can be found in the finished packaging is prone to leakage, pressure relief parts.

Iii. for the detection of the impact performance of the content, through the blasting pressure (positive pressure method) test to verify that the packaging into the gas, testing the finished packaging in the internal gas impact on whether a broken bag, used to find nuts products packaging prone to rupture position and compressive strength.

Four, according to the packaging internal gas composition analysis, through the top air residual oxygen, carbon dioxide performance test to verify, can monitor the finished packaging oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas proportion of various gases, so as to determine the packaging performance of finished products, packaging internal gas ratio in line with the quality of nut products needs.

V. To test the performance of falling resistance, provide the related test of fall resistance, and further verify whether the broken bag occurs when the product pack falls in a certain height.