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Problems In The Design Of Tea Bags
- Feb 08, 2018 -

First of all, the tea packaging bag design manufacturers generally attach great importance to the collection of bags, and can be used again, better save resources, very good to meet the social energy-saving concept of environmental protection, and better promote tea culture.

Secondly, the tea bags should be better fully reflect the humanities characteristics, not only highlight the practical function, better through the thought of characteristics to meet the characteristics of the product era, and China's tea culture has a long history and profound culture, so the tea enterprises want to better development must attach great importance to the tea packaging bag culture embodiment.

Finally, in order to better improve the tea sales, different packaging enterprises in the tea packaging bag design when the full iron box, paper bags, plastic bags, wood packaging, ceramic packaging more application market, bring us more consumers experience, so the design process should be full of tea culture as the core, while the practicality of packaging, The concentration of business value reflected in the new, strange, special aspects to enhance the effectiveness of packaging bags.