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Eight side sealed flat bottom bag/ Stand up zipper bag/ three sides sealed bag/ four sides sealed zipper bag, side sealing bag, spout pouch/kraft paper gilt bag/retort pouch/One-sided zip pocket/Inflatable automatic packaging roll film.

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YISHENG Industry&Trade Co.,LTD set up in 1990. Is an innovative private technology enterprises. Yisheng has concentrated on innovation and production of flexible packaging since the establishment. Until now has set up multiple sales offices at mainland and abroad. Established wholly owned subsidiary company Guangdong Innovate & Inherit YS Packing Co., Ltd in Guangzhou 2017.

01 Coffee&Tea bags
02 Beverage&household bags
03 Grain&Snacks bags
06 Retort Food bags
04 Frozen seafood&meat bags
05 Pet Products bags

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